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Immersive virtual reality is the next big thing

This is from India Today’s latest series “The next big things”. 

Feeling down because you didn’t get to watch Virat Kohli live when he hit his third double century of the year at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai last week? You can relive the entire experience by getting yourself a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and then just sit back on your sofa and be transported to the stadium. You can be seated in the pavilion as you watch the match. You can almost touch cricket coach Anil Kumble as he cheers Virat on. You can hear the crowds roar and the cracking sound as Virat’s bat strikes a ball with such ferocity that it races to the boundary before you can see it. Welcome to Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR). With IVR, you will be able to be virtually anywhere, do anything, and be with anyone at any time. The experience is produced because of the three pillars of immersion-awesome visual quality, great sound and intuitive interaction-that stimulate our senses with near-real feedback. IVR takes you on an out-of-body experience into an imaginary, even impossible, world by getting you to suspend your disbelief. To enable that, the programmers must ensure that you are able to look around in all directions and conform with the human vision. There should be freedom of movement, a 3D audio that replicates natural positioning of sounds and a narrative engagement. And if you back it with data gloves that make you feel as if you are touching objects, like opening a door, the experience gets even more real. IVR may get to the point where you really don’t know what is virtual or real any more a disconcerting thought.

The Breakthrough

With a Virtual Reality headset, 3D audio and data gloves, you can be virtually anywhere, do anything, at any time.

The awesome visual quality, great sound and intuitive interaction produce near-real feedback.

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