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The week that was: 8 things that went viral on the internet

1. A thousand apologies

When Kieran Cameron had to apologise to his girlfriend Jodie, he did so in the most millenial way: sending her the same message – ‘R u angry me with me’- via text, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Slammin’ Islam

When Janie Johnson tweeted”..London is gone – all Islamic”, Londoners decided to run with it. One memorable reply from a fellow stated that he had been forced to wear a burqa, but had found it to be both comfy and warm.

Replies against her tweet

3. Downey and Out

A popular rumour this weekend was that Iron Man, aka Robert Downey Jr, was in India. It all began with people uploading pictures ‘posing with RDJ’in Chennai mall. As it turned out, it was a different actor, named Albert Serrato.. who kind of looks like Robert Downey, if you squint.

4. Against all odds

The Magnificent Triumph of Love is a video that’s leaving desis all emotional. The wedding video, with over 90,000 views, tells the story of Maneet, a Jain, and Huda, a Pakistani, who overcome all sorts of odds to marry. It features emotional interviews with t he bride and groom, and their parents, who changed their beliefs, all for the sake of love. Someone please pass the tissue. Watch the video yourself.

5. Laughing all the way

A photo of Narendra Modi, Manmohan Singh and L.K. Advani has sparked off a new meme. The three politicians had gathered to pay tribute to the victims of the Parliament terror attack. However, teh sombre image was soon boasting with captions. Have a look.

6. The happy turbans

Over 2.8 million watched this group of Sikh men dancing bhangra while shovelling snow in Canada. Hint: Watch out for ‘Cheap Thrills’  with desi beat.

7. All 28 days – in just two minutes

Over 54 million people watched this video describing menstrual cycle.

8. Voice-over Dad

A father’s voice over describing his daughter’s make-up routine video had over a million in splits.

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