Armed Forces

This infographic reveals the number of services personnel who are still waiting for their medals

Image courtesy: Indian Army Website

Military historian Squadron Leader Rana Chhina (retired), a prominent phalerist, calls the backlog ‘disgraceful’. “These symbols lie at teh core of a nation’s military ethos. If they become meaningless, then it’s emblematic of serious problems within the military system,”he says. The list is a long one, from fighter jets and utility helicopters to assault rifles and bulletproof jackets, and is generally referred to under a catchall word’modernisation’. The delays have been attributed to snail-paced decision-making within the MoD. But nothing even approaches the defence ministry’s failure to provide medals on time. Armed forces personnel say they are inured to late receipt of medals. De-stoppage of the process is new incomprehensible low.

This infographic is the part of the essay “The de-medalisation of the forces”

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