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Art comes with many realisations, dreams and imaginations. Fashion shares the emotion that art builds in many ways and the two often merge. Delhi-based Manjunath Kamath’s art is larger than life with a love for primary colours and striking shapes. The empty space is insightful and the use of motifs symbolising nature, weaves a different narrative each time, summoning reality and fantasy to the same room. Delhi-based Puneet Kaushik’s art installation is a tale of mixed mediums. His work represents organic in the context of crafts, materials, textiles and structures.

His use of wool, jute fibre, cotton, crocheted steel, cotton wicks with latex and paper dipped in latex gives sculpting a fresh perspective. Based in London, Sir Peter Cook’s art incorporates his architectural subjects and his love for detail. Minimal and dense at the same time, his work looks at the technical and industrial elements of art. Delhi-based Manisha Parekh’s work is evocative, abstract and rooted. She looks at different materials and surfaces along with different cuts and shapes. The interpretations are open-ended and create space for more mediums to participate. Thukral and Tagra who work from Gurgaon, balance fine art and popular culture embodying aspects like globalisation and consumerism in a quirky way. As art becomes more accessible, the personification of it is worth the wait. Fashion recreates art with fabric, adornment, mood and inspiration.

Weaving tales: The fabric, tone and assemblage of the art structure inspire the wearable drapes that depict ease, effortlessness and power.

Art installation Barren Red By Puneet Kaushik; Jacket, pants and stole by PERO; Corset by Saaksha & Kinni; Footwear by Manish Arora; Jewellery by Amrapali Jewels; Location Gallery Espace, New Friends Colony, Delhi

Back to roots: The textures and shapes on the wall resonate in the free-flowing patterns.

Artwork Dip/Seep/Edge BY Manisha Parekh; Skirt and top by Saaksha & Kinni; Stole and pants by Pero; Jewellery by Amrapali Jewels; Location Nature Morte, Neeti Bagh, Delhi

The art of mechanism: Industrial designs have space in the wardrobe and how. Breaking down structures, remaking them while redefining the components in a simplified way brings the right kind of transformation.

Artwork Montreal Tower by Sir Peter Cook Dress by Rimzim Dadu Cuffs by Manish Arora Location Gallery Espace, New Friends Colony, Delhi

Quirky but relevant: Fine art and pop culture come together. Unconventional is no longer only for the wall.

Artwork Dominus Aeris Escape, Twilight Series 1 By Thukral & Tagra Dress and footwear by Manish Arora Jewellery by Amrapali Jewels Location Nature Morte, Neeti Bagh, Delhi

Close to nature: Organic sets the trend now. Real, elemental and inherent. Simplicity is the new elegance.

Artwork In Between By Manjunath Kamath Sari by Raw Mango Jewellery by Amrapali Jewels Location Gallery Espace,New Friends Colony, Delhi

Styled by Srishti Jha

Photographs by M Zhazo

Model Rita by Purple Thoughts

Hair & Makeup by Iram Kazmi

Location- Nature Morte And Gallery Espace, Delhi

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