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It lies in the middle of the shopping floor at the DLF Mall of India in Noida, a tiny island cordoned off from the mall by plants that act as a wall. At first glance you feel quite certain that Theos Patisserie and Chocolatier does not deserve more than a quick stop-and-pack moment, but if you have some time and would rather eat a light bite in a cafe-style space than a restaurant, this is highly recommended.

While a large part of the menu and display is dedicated to desserts, prod a bit and the savoury section comes to light. The quiches, rolls and sandwiches are carefully sectioned out in vegetarian and on vegetarian zones. Begin with the spinach and ricotta roll which is flaky, rich and delicious. The vegetarian quiche also hits the spot with a light base and a filling that’s mellow rather than salty (as most quiches tend to be). They have plenty of sandwich options as well but we would recommend the Panini if you are vegetarian. Steer clear of the chicken burger as it lacks personality and the patty was cold. Tasted like something straight out of the deep freeze. Down your savoury snack with a thick, tart, blueberry or raspberry smoothie which is just fantastic. Theos has been a favourite with people in Noida for years and is known for its cakes, so save some space for a happy ending.

The tiramisu is amongst the best we have ever sampled (move over five-star restaurants, this one is a winner). The baked New York cheesecake is another effortless choice as it stays true to the original and is soft as butter in your mouth without any jarring sweetness. There are a variety of chocolate and fruit options to choose from as well but we would suggest you stick to the regulars which won’t let you down. The service is passable and the menu is not very elaborate but we would go back again and again for the flaky pastry, gooey desserts and smoothies as well. Hope across to the DLF Mall of India for a satisfying snack at the patisserie.

Bite for two: Rs 500 plus taxes

Where: DLF Mall of India, Noida, Third Floor

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